about-sherry-sexton2Cliff notes of my earlier life…

  • Born in a quaint town in PA
  • Entrepreneurial Success at age 12 with an awesome lemonade stand!

Fast forward…

  • One marriage, one baby and first REAL business – –  “Sherry’s Hair Salon!”

Fast forward some more…


  • Second marriage (I thought the second time around might be better… say no more!)
  • Plus, second baby… the sunshine of my life 🙂
  • Second business success, cooking school, “Cooking with Sherry!”


  • Divorced. Finally left my native hometown of PA in 1991 (vowing never again to use a blow dyer to defrost my car door!)
  • Went back to school at the age of 41 and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology!
  • Worked for years in Sales & Marketing – the last 10 yrs. in Pharmaceutical Sales
    • Best Part: If that doesn’t teach you how to sell, nothing will!
    • Worst Part: If the STRESS doesn’t kill you first!
  • At the same time, I was completing my Masters in Mental Health on nights and weekends!

Second chapter of my life begins!

Coaching: With the entrepreneurial urge creeping up on me, I left the world of sales and went back to USF to become a Certified Professional Coach, officially starting my coaching business in 2007… what a ride!  I have been asked to speak on many occasions and I love it!  (This, coming from a gal who hated speech class!)

Author: Recently, I was thrilled to author a book, “The T-Shirt to Prove It!,”  featuring the successful Journey of 25 passionate entrepreneurs!  Since publishing the book, many of these women have gained high levels of success and I am so very proud of them.

LinkedIn Consultant: In more recent years I found it funny how life leads you down various paths. Little did I know I would fall into a career as a LinkedIn consultant! Because of my passion for the LinkedIn business model I slowly but surely started offering consulting services to others.  It is truly rewarding work and I love it!

Pathways to  Courage: My biggest passion in life and a big part of my life’s work is reducing the stigma about mental illness with a focus on bipolar disorder.  I am the founder of Pathways to Courage, a nonprofit organization to raise awareness and education as well as addressing the challenges associated with Bipolar Disorder. Helping to support those individuals who face adversities in their life to live life to the fullest. To provide understanding and coping skills for the people who love them.

My life in a nutshell. Would love to hear about yours and the journey you have traveled. Contact me anytime.

Wishing you the best of health, wealth and happiness always…

Sherry 🙂