3 Things Not to Do on LinkedIn

3 things not to do on LinkedIn post1. Don’t send a message without a personalized greeting!  It can hurt you more than you know. Take the time to view someone’s profile to learn more about them. Sometimes I have noticed that LinkedIn prevents you from sending a personalized greeting; maybe when inviting some people in a group. If the default greeting is sent, you can always follow it up with a simple statement about why you want to connect with them.

LinkedIn now gives you the ability to see what you have in common with that person. On the right side panel about half way down, when you hover over the circles- you see what you have in common. It could be skills and expertise, it could be groups, and it could be your education or the connections you share. This gives you a great starting point for the conversation.

Lastly, LinkedIn has now put more emphasis on your relationships. Keywords are still important but relationships are starting to mean more in terms of targeted searches. Therefore, strategically connect with folks, it’s no longer just a numbers game.

2. Don’t use capital letters in your messages! It comes across to the other person that you are yelling. Yes, there is no way to bold phrases or use italics but there are other ways to explain yourself with words. Online communication can be difficult but unfortunately, I doubt that it will change in the near future. I am sure I have been guilty of this myself in the past. However, you can try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. At times, I may add a comment saying, “I hope I was not too blunt or too honest?”

3. Last but not least, tell don’t sell! No one likes to be sold to! At least once or twice a day, I have someone who either writes “Buy My Stuff” (indirectly of course) in their invitation or directly after connecting with me they send me a message about their business or their paid event.

Building relationships first is paramount to your success! It’s a proven fact, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about them. Helping others with no agenda, will develop those lasting relationships. Which in turn, become referrals sources and they may even recommend you!

Happy and Success Always~Sherry

Your Photo Speaks A Thousand Words

social-media-relationshipsLinkedIn is a business networking site. If you are trying to connect with other professionals and want them to connect with you; a welcoming smiling photo is the first thing they see. It should be the number one item on your to-do list for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.  Think of it like this: If you are a business owner and want clients to connect with you; they want to see what they are buying. YOU are YOUR brand!

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You Can Control What Others See When Viewing Your Profile

Searching for SomeoneControlling what others see on your profile is easier than you think. LinkedIn does have basics elements of your profile which cannot be changed.

How to control what others see:

1. Hover over your photo on your tool bar, click on  Privacy and Settings.

2. Once in Settings (at the bottom right of the page), click on the 5th line which says Edit your public profile.

3. This will take you to your Public Profile– to the right of your profile you will see the sections that are visible to everyone. If there is something, you don’t want displayed-you can un-check the box.

4. I personally don’t recommend hiding anything, especially if you are using LinkedIn for networking or finding a job. Google does a good job of picking up things on your profile which can benefit you when someone is looking to hire you or offer you a job!

5. Hiding your photo is never a good idea. People like to connect with someone they can put a face to 🙂

6. Be sure to Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

7. To see how your profile looks after the changes, click on View My Public Profile as others see it.

As always, wishing you happiness and success!



Could LinkedIn Become The Next Search Engine?

Searching Photo for PostRecently, I was looking for a pet sitter. I knew her first name and part of her company name. So I searched for her on LinkedIn and there she was. I’m not sure Google, etc. would have found her as quickly. Plus when I was in her profile, I looked at her recommendations; another thing that I wouldn’t have found easily on the current search engines. I know I could have gone to her website but LinkedIn was simply, quicker and gave me more information.

LinkedIn reached its 10th year anniversary and a lot has changed over the years. Ok, so things aren’t always perfect. Finally, everyone has the ability to add a link or upload a file, the new toolbar and especially the new LinkedIn contacts app; putting everyone on a level playing field. They are making changes sometimes daily but they are definitely doing something right!

People are finding jobs on LinkedIn. People are getting business on LinkedIn. It has replaced pet tales, photos of what someone else is eating, and nights out on the town details on Facebook.

The best place to start on LinkedIn is to listen to what others are saying and reach out to help them. Helping others is what the big social media players know and do well.

Happiness and Success Always 😉



LinkedIn: The Envelope and the Flag

Screen for Blog_Envelope and FlagWhether you have the new LinkedIn format or the old LinkedIn toolbar, you have the envelope and the flag! Both should be near your name with the old bar or to the left of your photo with the new version.

Let’s talk about the Envelope first:

This is the place where your current invitations and messages reside. By clicking on the envelope your invitations appear first and your messages below them. I typically make it a practice to look at the person’s profile before accepting the invitation to connect. If you decide you want to connect with someone; you can send a message thanking them for reaching out to you to connect. I know I discussed how important your photo can be, here is another example of why it is important. People want to see who they are connecting with. In this crazy world of spam, it’s important to know just who your connections are. Remember when connecting with others don’t sell, it’s a turn off! As for the messages you receive, you can decide if you want to reply or not. Some people will blanket their entire network with a message about an event or try to sell you something.

As for the Flag:

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How Long Does It Really Take To Be Found on Social Media

Connected on Social MediaOf course, we all want to be seen and hear on the social media platforms. However, it’s a lot more than just adding a page, an account or a profile. It’s all about the communication but more importantly, the listening. It’s a two-way street!

If per chance, you drop off of the social media grid like I did ( due to personal reasons) it will take time to rebuild those relationships. It could even take three months or more! Be patient and don’t take it personal. After all, it’s not like folks don’t want to know what’s up with you. You just need to get in front of them. So, post more often and engage in their conversations. Add a photo or video to your updates 🙂

Invest some time every day to interact with someone; it will definitely pay off. Just when you think it’s a waste of your time, people will start responding!

Happiness and Success Always,



The NEW LinkedIn Contacts Application

LinkedIn INThis is probably the best new feature that LinkedIn has introduced. I highly recommend setting up this new format. It moves your profile organizer into the contacts area. You can sort your contacts by name, saved contacts, you can tag them (200 tags total). You can also sort by companies, titles and locations. You also have the option to import them from various sources, hide them or even remove them.

Most importantly, it shows you when you last chatted with them and the entire conversation. It gives you the ability to add how you met and who introduced you.

Can you tell I’m excited?? Yes, because this is a great opportunity to connect or reconnect with your contacts. If you are like me, you think you will reach out to this new contact later, but that never happens.

More about this feature later; need to send some more reconnect messages!

Happiness and Success Always 😆



Let’s Sum It Up On LinkedIn

The Sum Up (225x225)It’s time to brag!! You can tell your connections how great you are but with a twist. Allow me to explain. They want to know who you are but more importantly -how being who you are can help them. An example: You won an award in your industry doing what you do best. This award states you are an expert in your field. Yes, that’s what they want to hear! At that point, they are thinking “You are the expert; therefore you can help ME!”

You have a total of 2000 characters to woo them. Why should they hire you?

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Join LinkedIn Groups Strategically

GroupsWhat groups to join is a common question among LinkedIn Users. You want to think about your industry and where the thought leaders are; so you can keep up with all the latest trends in your industry. You also want to join the groups where your target market is hanging out. Be a contributor to these groups on a regular basis and comment on posts written by others. It’s a two-way street 😉

Some groups will not allow you join automatically but will review your request. Typically, if they are closely moderating their group, you will receive an email saying you are accepted into that group.

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Tag Your LinkedIn Connections!

Linkedin TaggingRemember playing tag as a kid? Well, it’s not exactly the same 😕 However, you can tag your connections. Some of you may have been doing this for years and others may just be starting. Here is where it pays to have fewer connections! You are allowed to have 5 tags or let’s call them lists because that is really what they are. Go to your connections and set up lists for your connections. No one but you can see your tags/lists so call them anything you like! Maybe potential clients, clients that really need my help, prospects I want to invite to a special event or offer a podcast, etc. You get my drift!

Happy Tagging~ Sherry