I will help with your LinkedIn strategy: Getting FOUND on LinkedIn is vital to your success!

Here are some options for increasing traffic to your LinkedIn profile:

  • I can fully optimize your profile for you. I send you a questionnaire which you will need to fill out and return to me. I will also send you a simple contract; defining our individual responsibilities. When I receive both documents, I will work my magic and make the expert in your industry. * The cost is based on the current state of your profile
  • We can work together, we schedule time/times for marketing sessions. During the session, we will look at your profile together and make the necessary changes immediately. Also included in these sessions are proven marketing strategies to reach your goals on LinkedIn
  • DIY- I have a lot of free information on here as well as my LinkedIn profile. If you have the time and the focus; you CAN do it yourself

If you are a job seeker, you need to set up your profile to get on the radar of recruiters and hiring personnel. It’s all about the right keywords and keyword phrases in the right places. Most recruiters pay up to $500 or more for a LinkedIn account so they are looking for you. Don’t let your competition steal that job!!

If you a business owner, your presence is vital! Your clients need you but they can’t hire you; if they can’t find you! In order to find your perfect client you need to know where to look:)

I work with all types of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and economic status. My clients come to me from all over the world, there are no limitations! With email and Skype, it’s easy to connect and work on your profile together.

Building Relationships:  Building relationships is what it is all about.  As with real life, building online relationships, especially on LinkedIn, does not happen over night. There need to be engagement, interaction and consistency. I know this poses the biggest stress on business owners because they don’t always have the personal time to dedicate to the work.This is where I can come in and assist you to keep you current and circulating with others online.

Training: For companies with employees, you should consider hiring me as a LinkedIn trainer. Not only will this improve your marketing, but it will also help to increase your company’s productivity. Your staff will be happier and it will make them better marketers!

Managing Your Social Reputation:  Regardless of who you are, or what size your business is, control over your social reputation is critical in today’s fast moving world. Social media is so great for helping with reputation management. From offering top customer service to offering contests and giveaways to handling corporate “damage control” over a particular problem, keeping a positive reputation is key.

For additional information on any of my services, or to request a quote, Contact Me for details. I am more than happy to be of service!