Need that recent position to put on your profile? Try volunteering!

Waiting for phone to ringI have talked to many job seekers about how to address this question. It’s tough enough to be out of work for any length of time but then you have to justify what you have been doing. As if looking for employment isn’t enough! When in fact, it’s far harder to find a job then work at a job!

So what can you list as your current position if it has been some time since you were employed. If you have a skill related to your job experience, try doing some part-time work or consulting. If that doesn’t apply, volunteer! With one in 5 hiring managers saying they hire based partly on volunteer experience, why not give it a try!

There are so many charities that would love some of your valuable time. It will get your mind off the fact that you are out of work but more importantly it will get you out the door! You can feel better about yourself by helping others; it’s a proven fact!

Just for a while, you can take your mind off the endless searching, the resume editing, and the countless cover letters. In addition to the computer you are chained to for hours on end.

LinkedIn is forgiving in what you can add to your profile and whether you are getting pay for that position or not. You can also make your volunteer work a project. Yes, you may have to explain your situation to recruiters or during the interview phrase. But you have to admit, it sounds better to say- “I have been volunteering at ….. Instead of, “I have spent countless looking for this position; which you indeed have!

Just food for thought 😉

Happiness and Success Always

Share a Little Kindness

kindness photoEveryone who knows me, knows that I love paying it forward! Money doesn’t have to be an issue; sometimes I’ve had money, sometimes very little and sometimes very, very little.

There are plenty of ways you can accomplish this task, actions speak louder than words. Some examples with no monetary contribution include: letting someone in front of you in the grocery store line, smiling at someone whether you receive a smile back or not, giving up your seat on the bus or subway for someone who needs it more, asking a physically challenged person if they need help, giving up that closer parking space if you can use the exercise, reading to child or sitting with an elderly person and just listening.

Here is my personal favorite: Having had a rare autoimmune disease 6 years ago which required me to use a walker, I simply can’t tell you how often the door was slammed in my face. It only takes a few seconds to look behind you and hold that door for someone else. Needless to say, that is now a no-brainer for me!

With little money to spare, I love paying someone’s toll on the bridge or expressway, provided there is someone in that booth, LOL! Ok, I am sometimes a sucker for the homeless person on the off ramp. More important to me than that dollar bill is offering them a protein bar from the box I keep in my car. Do they appreciate food instead of money, maybe or maybe not? It’s the thought that counts. I often see the guy selling newspapers on the side of the road and offer him a dollar for the next person who asks to buy a paper.

My favorites which do involve some money 😉 . I love paying someone’s tab in the car behind me at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Of course, I always ask the cashier their total- buying lattes for the entire office- not so willing! In the line at the movie, I might see a child between me and tell the cashier I would like to purchase their ticket. Whether the family needs it or not, it costs a lot these days to take your family to the movies.

Kindness can be expressed in many ways. What are some of your favorites?