Sherry Sexton
The LinkedIn Difference

Why Sherry Sexton?

Because I am a Top Rated Professional LinkedIn Expert, rated as one of the top 5% percent of all profiles viewed in 2012! After many years of experience and over 500 clients, I bring my knowledge base and my expertise to YOU.

What Makes My Service So Valuable?

I know all the “tricks to the LinkedIn trade”! Knowledge is power, especially in today’s fast moving market. Without the power of LinkedIn behind you, it is an upward battle getting attention.

Think of  It This Way: If I can generate substantial leads for you that you never would have had otherwise, wouldn’t that be worth far more than my (very affordable) marketing fees? My goal is to make you money so you don’t feel my fees in the slightest!

It’s a Fact: LinkedIn now allows you to have 30,000 connections! If you need more in the future, you have to contact LinkedIn Customer Service. Word of caution: Don’t upload your entire database; unless you want all those people to be in your LinkedIn network.

Did you know?  LinkedIn members have an average income of $108,000 per year!  I know  sherry-linked-in-award my clients are on there? Are yours? The answer is YES THEY ARE! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a LinkedIn Expert.  Otherwise, the fact is your competition, in today’s competitive economy, will “eat you for lunch” as they say!

LinkedIn Rocks!  It’s “the big boys and girls sandbox,” and when properly utilized, it is guaranteed to pay off and that is a FACT.

It’s a Fact:  My clients find me through LinkedIn. I don’t have to search for them!
The LinkedIn viewing audience can find you too, and become YOUR customer.

Ask Yourself This:  You’re already extremely busy with every day life – the last thing you feel like doing is going into to try to drum up business!  So therefore, isn’t it better to hire someone like me to manage your profile for you?

Warranty of Work:  If you hire me for your LinkedIn management and marketing services, you will stand out in the crowd.  I warranty and stand by the work I perform, so you can hire me with confidence. My testimonials speak for themselves. You have little to lose and everything to gain.

Contact Me for a Free Consultation: I am certain you’ll be very glad you did. Email me at or call me at (727) 458-3747.

Happiness and Success Always,

Sherry 🙂